Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I don't understand girls.  That's kind of why I'm where I am (well, it's really just a symptom).  I don't understand people who want to get married and feel their life is incomplete without a fence and a dog and a mess of young'ins runnin' round, that feels like too much constraint.  I don't understand religion or folks who think they're better than you because THEY worship [deity].

So I can't help right now.  Every time they say something about their sister getting married, all I want to say is "hope she got a pre-nup".  Every time they say something about how their sister's Bee-Eff-Eff is uncomfortable because they're older than the BFF and unmarried, I want to grin and say she's jealous that somebody wasn't stupid enough to get themselves tied down too soon.  Every time they say that there's no one out there for them, nobody will marry them and they won't get their prince charming, I want to ask why they want one- no, I want to roll my eyes and beat some sense into them that you don't need anyone to be happy and your life shouldn't revolve around someone else's approval.

But I know that's not what they want to hear.  I know that they probably wouldn't like my cynical "marriage never works out, and even if it did- who'd want to be legally stuck to one person forever?" attitude.  Most people probably don't.  I'm sure you can find someone and be happy, but I'm equally sure that the chances of that happen aren't good enough for me to expect that THIS ONE will be hte one that works out.

So, I can't help.  I can't say anything.  Well, I can, but I'd probably make it worse.  So I won't bother.  I'll just sit here digging my toe into the ground and snarling about how you aren't going to be happy if you only like yourself becasue some guy (or girl or other) likes you.