Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Internet Stealth

You can not google my birth name (current legal name).  You can, really, but you won't get me.  You'll get someone with [last name] and someone else with [first name] and I've even seen my [first middle] as [first last].   As soon as you add in the quotes, there are no results.

I am proud of this.  I knew a girl who would google herself and get a jolt of pride at all the pictures up.  I google myself and get warm fuzzies that there isn't a single site that mentions me.

The current chosen body name (subject to change, although this is unlikely) is not so lucky.  "[first last]"gets over 200 results.  [first middle last] (no quotes) gets a handful.  "[first middle last]" doesn't, but it is a very uncommon middle name that google doesn't think is spelled correctly.   I'm not sure if this is better or worse than having an ungoogle-able name.

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