Monday, April 28, 2008

Name Change

It is surprisingly hard to find legal information about transitioning in my state. I can't even find what makes you legally allowed to change your sex markers.  Anyways, since I'm getting a bit tetchy about copyright law and want to start signing my works, I'd rather change my name within a year so I can start doing that and feel like using my boy name will hold up in court.

I mean, not that it's hard to change oyur name.  I dropped a last name when I was a kid, but it's one thing to drop a last name or go from a somewhat gender neutral (my girl name's not unheard of for guys) to another somewhat gender neutral name.  But, um, I'm pretty sure a girl going to "Ryan" will raise some eyebrows.  So, I don't know when you're supposed to wait or if the law here'll be lame and go "Change your name with your sex".    I stll don't know when I can do that here.

I wouldn't mind waiting- but with this Orphan Works thing the idiots on high are coming up with, I'd rather not add another bit of confusion into the mix.


Yew Berry Castle said...

I'd love to be able to change my name legally but for obvious reasons I will wait until I transition. It'll be great to be able to legally use my girl name and have it on my ID card etc. I just feel whenever I use my boy name I am referring to someone else. When others ask me my name (which under normal circumstances is a rather simple question) I have to think for a while. I once by accident, when asking a small girl her name, said "aww, that's nice, that's my name too" and well you can see how awkward that was!

Ry said...

I'm in luck, for all it's popularity I have run into no Ryans in my life, none that I remember anyways. My girl name's showed up more htan a few times, though. NEver really did the "hey, that's my name" thing.

I more feel like when people call my girl name it's a different person. I tend not to say it myself, would probably end up introducing myself as Ry these days and have gotten into the habit of referring to myself online and in my head, but I write my girl name down without thinking because it's just so much of a habit.