Thursday, April 24, 2008


I was 'sir'd this afternoon.  Dad says I've been passing and getting 'he'd for awhile, but this is the first time I've heard it first hand.

Unlike the rest of the past 2 weeks, I did not die after getting back from the gym- Ry's getting stronger.  And that's with 1/10 the normal level of testosterone (I think that's right).

Also- I did about half a trimester worth of reading in 2 hours.  I am officially mighty. 

Either some deity decided to like me or Tribulus Terrestris is a miracle drug of a plant.  I don't care which.  


Yew Berry Castle said...

Go for you on the reading and the getting 'sired'! I love it when people 'miss' me and if I ask where the bathroom is they reply: 'why the ladies' is over there.'

I'm currently reading up the books for my up and coming course too! :-D

Ry said...

People just give me the directions, and hte bathrooms are always close enough you can't tell which they meant. >_>

I had a midterm yesterday, so I had to make sure to at least skim all the readings. I skimmed some too much, though, had to BS the essay with Adam Smith. ^^;