Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So many memories.

Mah poor baby's dieing again.  -_-  

...of course, when I say baby I mean computer I've had so long that, were it truly a child, it would likely be in 1st or 2nd grade.

And when I say dieing I mean, the hard drive's going.  :(  Almost died completely before going Zombie on me like a good little computer. So I'm getting  a replacement tomorrow.  

And when I say again I mean this is the third or fourth fraggin' time THIS SCHOOL YEAR.  I know it's old, but bejeebus, can apple PLEASE make a hard drive for my computer that can last a trimester?  Sheesh.


Stephen said...

No, they can't. They want your $$$ and they want to keep creaming it out of you even if you're not a Jobs-lover who buys every damn "new" product he brings out ...

Ry said...

...Ok, not really. This computer's about 6 years old and this year is the first year it's had any trouble. I haven't had to pay ANY money for the replacement hard drives, and won't have to pay to get my computer replaced because it's still under warranty.
How is this them getting my money?