Monday, April 14, 2008


I have discovered the secret to the gym!  It is wearing a binder instead of sports bra, going when the weights room is empty, and actually using treadmills.    8 minutes on that thing... still loopy.   Or maybe that's just headache.  o__O

I've been thinking about mermaids lately, since this girl on AVEN said that TSs tend to like mermaids because you can't see anything *down there*.  Being 17 and a fan of futurama rather than 5, my first thought was "Transsexuals would rather have fish parts than boy/girl parts?".   So, yeah, they've been sitting on my mind.  Something about them always bugged me.  i think I finally figured it out.  

Mermaid tails should not be the way they are.  They swim like whales, but have scales and fins instead of flukes.   For mermaids to really be half fish, their fish-half has to be turned 90º from the body.   I think the spine actually stays in roughly the same place, but this kills any symmetry (fish aren't that symmetrical up & down)    And the way the tail bends?  Have you seen a fish bend at that angle?  Or any spine?  

I know they're mythical, but centaurs: The horse half is a horse.  It's not expected to bend at awkard angles or twist from what it normally is.  Yeah, I tried to picture something with the lower half an actual fish tail, and it's actually kind of creepy, but that doesn't excuse every single mermaid to be all off like that.   

This doesn't actually have a point.  I just don't get mermaids.  And now I want a real mermaid with an actual fish tail.  But I have homework to do.   >_> 


Yew Berry Castle said...

Cool post. Very funny :-)

Just to be against the grain, I was always indifferent onthe suject of mermaids, never liked them, never hated them.

However, now that I think about it, I did sort of find the idea of "becoming something else" intriging when I was a kid.

Ry said...

Thanks. :)

Haha, that's fun. ^^ I think I liked them for the underwater thing and I really just liked all fantasy. Don't remember if I liked the idea of becoming something else, I think I mainly liked magic to transform yourself into whatever you wanted. still do, sounds like it could be fun.

Yew Berry Castle said...

Can I trade the tail in for a pair of slim long legs? :-D

Ry said...

hmm... maybe, but according to Disney you'd have to give up your voice and it'd have to be for some guy you've never actually spoken to.

Anonymous said...

Marissa Parker says,
mabey mermaids have a spine to their waist then has a elastic like bone for the tail to be so bendable. Only Sirens swim like fish and sharks because they evolved like that to swim faster. While mermaids share the swimming pattern of a dolphin.