Thursday, May 1, 2008


I have a certain amount of loathing for anyone that starts transition before/at the start of puberty.  Not like "dammnit, why couldn't I..." because I know the long list of answers.  I just wish they had to go through it.  I want to force the wrong puberty on the cisgendered.  There are certain things in life everyone should experience.  One of them is menstruation, the other is the wrong puberty.  The latter's more important.  If everyone was trans, well, the surgeries would be a LOT better for both.  "Phalloplasty?  No problem!  Heck, they work better than the real ones"  It would happen.  
And the periods are because I'm pretty sure that if men started bleeding from their balls there'd be a very different reaction than when women start the monthly blood letting.  And it'd probably be funny.


Yew Berry Castle said...

Well one good thing that would come from men bleeding would be that they wouldn't keep making the jokes about women menstrating any more. To fact that guys think it book funny and gross and that girls are somehow untouchable and yucky at their time of the month really upsets me.

Ry said...

I don't get that at all. Apparently sex actually lessens period pains, you'd think girls would want to. I mean- which side does it come from? Girls or guys not wanting to? Is it girls getting all emotional and guys not wanting to deal with it so a little of both?

I can't see blood being the reason. With all the sweat, mucus, saliva, and other gross bodily fluids involved one more ain't gonna hurt.

Yew Berry Castle said...

Actually it's from both of them (1) it's the girls being upset and embaressed about it in front of their boy and 2) the guy not wanting to deal with the extra difficulties.

For us it's no problem really and your right when you say it makes the period better.