Monday, May 5, 2008

Wait.. what?

First: I hate cutting up fetal pigs.  Could we please at least wait for the poor thing to be born and live a good life before we soak it in formaldehyde? 

Aaanyways.   There are two (girls?) at my school that have got some serious androgyny going on.  One looks seriously like a guy, the other you can see the girl but looks more male.  No idea if either are trans, lesbian, whatever.  Just saying they do.

The more androgynous one, she dresses it.  I mean, they both do, but that she does is the point of tonights rant.  See, the other day I overheard her and a guy gossiping about this guy that was wearing girl jeans.  This is okay on its own, if I saw a guy in girl clothes I'd probably be pleased by the pretty and mention it- but it's the way they talked about it, saying it was some horrible thing for a guy to wear girls' clothes.

While one of those girls was wearing guys' clothes.   

Double standard, anyone?  >_<


Yew Berry Castle said...

Society is full of double standards. :-( Not just against guys but against everyone, girls included. Of course girls have more freedom with clothes but they have less freedom with other stuff. It's give and take I guess. Not that I am saying anything is fair, because life's never fair. :-(

Btw, I used to know a guy from Oklahoma (in fact we used to live in the same house, but that's besides the point) and he told me that it's rather the trend in the US these days for guys to wear girl's jeans. I guess it's different in different states.

Ry said...

I know, but when it's that obvious it's just infuriating. And over clothes. FASHION. Of all the things to get high and mighty about. Rights, persecution, actions, things that matter and seriously effect lives- I can understand. But getting idiotic over fabric?!

It is the trend, that's half of what threw me off. But these were *really* girls clothes. As in, some girl at this school had the same pair. So that makes it bad. o_O

Yew Berry Castle said...

Most people are weird. They care more about their own insignificent lives rather than the greater problems in the world. So people can be so selfish like that.