Wednesday, May 7, 2008

the AP Exam strikes back

Today I had to take the Calculus AP. 4 sections, about 45-55 minutes each. Should've taken 3 hours 15 minutes, I'd be out by 11:30 to have a nice, leisurely hour and a half for lunch and recuperation before my German quiz- right? WRONG! Somehow it managed to go over so it took more than 4.5 hours. Guh. If they'd let me sit down, take it, and leave- I probably would've been out by 10:45. But instead they had to elongate it, meaning I got back to my room 10 minutes before class, said "fuck this" and spent the next hour and a half drawing (I missed the airbrush tool). Eh, I've never skipped a class before- and this was an emergency.

Also- my exam attacked me. I'm not joking. I opened the page to one of the free responses and it stabbed me with a staple. This sucker didn't really go deep, thankfully (it'd've pierce straight through my finger!), but it went long. So I spent the exam writing, wincing, and fretting that it might get infected and the nurse closes before we got out. Not a happy day.

So- to whoever grades my exam, please be careful. That stapler's wily and it's got a taste for human blood.


Anonymous said...

Oh man! I feel your pain - I did a 4-hour AP American History exam yesterday. I'm glad it's over.

Great blog, by the way. I shall be back.

(found via your comments on Queers United)

Ry said...

Ouch. Hopefully that was your only one? I have AP Bio tomorrow, not looking forward to a repeat. D: