Thursday, May 22, 2008

Calc fun

Earlier in Calculus Maia gave a long discussion about how if we just had a white guy in our pod we'd have some osrt of racial ratio (Maia & me are white, Fola black, Andrew asian).   

Today we had this fun conversation
Maia: (on Andrew's two pierced ears) now you can dress as a girl for halloween!
Andrew: I wouldn't want to dress as a girl!
Me: why not?  It's fun!
Andrew: Yeah, but you dress as a girl every... year.

...I had reasons to not come out, right?  Good ones.  Ones that didn't involve my ineptitude at coming out.  Right?  Possibly involving persecution and ignorance and people not believing.


Yew Berry Castle said...

I consider coming out only when I know it'll play in my benefit and will be worth my while. :-)

Ry said...

I'd rather get called a boy, and since I'm already out at my college and starting stuff it seems better to come out now then when I meet them again all boyed-up and I have to explain it then. ^^;