Thursday, May 15, 2008


You get blood out of clothes by pretreating the stain then freezing it until you wash it, right? I hope so. I'll be really annoyed if I stained my pants.

Anyways... As it turns out, doodles are bad for your health. First you start drawing something. Then you add something else. Then you start fleshing the picture out while you flesh out the personality. Now you start figuring out a backstory. Then you realize the pose probably has an interesting story behind it. Now you've got a protagonist (or antagonist, but I generally consider all my characters to be protagonists. Except Zinny) with a bud of a plot forming. And then you realize that the story could go one of two ways and oyu have to choose one.

So, basically, I've got a bud of a story focusing on a transgirl and have to decide if I want to focus on the trans or the girl. As in, do I want the story to be heavily involving her transsexuality, people's reactions to it, her journey, etc. or do Iwant to have an actual plot where this is merely a part of her backstory that can come in handy. The former might be moderately more useful for awareness and such. The latter is what I'd rather do, but it might confuse people. As it turns out, people are easily confused by transsexuals.

And yet I keep writing htem. Even when they aren't transsexuals they manage to change their presentation from time to time. This has been happening since before I actually knew what transgender was.   

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Yew Berry Castle said...

I think the backstory would be a cool idea. People could see that being a transsexual doesn't make up all of one's identity but is merely a component to it, albeit an important one.