Friday, May 16, 2008

I haven't been passing lately.  I haven't really changed anything about my appearance, and I can think of a few hundred reasons for it, but I don't know if these are reasons or just ways to live in a state of denial and pretend I'd pass if it weren'tf or whatever.  It just sucks.


Yew Berry Castle said...

Both passing and not passing sucks. I so badly want to be seen as a girl and live as a girl but at the same time if people see me as a girl that gets me into quite a lot of trouble.

So I just try and be myself as much as possible and strike a middle-ground and let people make up their own mind. If they see me as female then I can just act like it's no biggy and it wasn't my intention.

Ry said...

Yeah, I know. But with people you don't know and will never meet again- what's the harm in being seen as male? And it's annoying to go from passing to not despite not changing anything. >_<

Yew Berry Castle said...

It depends on the person really. Maybe some of the people who see me as female are really half-blind. You've seen my pics, I'm not exactly the best example of a transgirl.