Monday, May 5, 2008

Hate school.  Hate comics.  Hate contests.  Hate everything that eats up my time.

Guh, for about a week now I've really wanted to draw my two trans characters (Yes, I'm a horrible person- I've got majority asexual and just 2 transsexual characters.)  with the caption "Don't Pass, Just Be".  Why?   because I'm weird.  But I can't right now.

I have to draw comics.  I have to draw prizes. I SERIOUSLY FREAKING NEED to study for AP exams.  I want to do all these things, except maybe the last one, but then whens omething comes up that I want to do more... well, the "I want to do this" is outshadowed by the "but I really wanna do that".


Yew Berry Castle said...

Life is always one of those classic choices between two or more things. I only hope you make the right choices Ry! :-) *hugs*

Ry said...

So far I've chosen to waste time ont he internet instead of doing anything. So, um, I think that's the seriously wrong choice. >_>