Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I may have just found heaven.  It was in the library.  As expected, no dinosaurs.  (the bible belt tried to make me Christian and I turned weirdo Satanic with his own version of creation.  I don't think anyone'd like it.)

There's a section on gender study and sexuality and stuff, including a book on "Men and Masculinity".  Sounds stupid, but anything with Alan Alda and Peter Pan have gotta be entertaining.  I couldn't get those books, because the library closed, but I got a cool one about gender-neutral terms.  Basically goes through and takes things like waitress and waiter and gives the gender neutral equivalents.  It's from 1988, so most of them are actually in use- but it's pretty cool seeing that idiots actually look at this stuff.  I can't imagine what feminism would be like if we had nouns with genders.  I can just see it  "Skirt is masculine?!  This is proof that fashion is a male conspiracy to keep people uncomfortable!".  As it turns out, people forget history faster'n anything.

Did anyone know that a packman is a peddler?  I mean, what has that got to do with eating dots and ghosts?  That's just weird.


Yew Berry Castle said...

I spent most of second year of college in the library reading "The Politics of Transgenderism" even though my degree was nothing to do with sexuality or gender! :-D

Ry said...

That's awesome. I should seriously considering doing that. It'd probably be interesting. ^^