Saturday, May 17, 2008


Apparently, in Native American tribes, the third gender (Nahdlee) was an effeminate (biologically) male and the fourth gender (Delbah) was a masculine (biologically) woman.  

This kind of throws me into a bit of curiosity.  I'm a bit effeminate.  Not girly in the sense of wanting to be a girl or being a girl or anything, but I can't see myself as being all that masculine and there are a lot of gender roles I probably don't fit.  On both sides.

So, could I be called Nahdlee even though I'm biologically female, mentally male, but a bit more effeminate than most guys might be (or more openly effeminate- I'm very comfortable with my sexuality)?  o_O   Or could I just say "dammit, here's the body I want.  I ain't changing how I'm acting to fit what people think that body should act, and labels just give me a headache"


Yew Berry Castle said...

effeminate is one of those words I have always not liked. It assumes there is something wrong with the boy, in that he's weak. It seems that it's an insult and a disadvantage rather than just being a characteristic. Why not use the word feminine? That's a neutral word and doesn't come with the negative connotations of effeminate.

Some girls can be masculine but guys who are feminine are called effeminate? :-S

Ry said...

Well, to start with, I apparently don't know any modern connotations of any freaking word. I dunno, I just like the way effeminate sounds for some reason.