Saturday, June 7, 2008

graduation gift

So, just opened my graduation gift from mom.  It's a CD from someone that's pretty religious, Martina.  Christianity and me react like matter and anti-matter, but she keeps insisting I'm Catholic.  So, okay then.  I've heard one of her songs, she's not bad or anything, I can live with references to Jesus and sin even though they're in English so I can't deny it, but here's what gets me.

She's a butterfly, This One's for the girls, reluctant daughter, in my daughter's eyes.  

Yes, I could be digging into this.  Another song is about a girl who's clearly not pure the day before her wedding and "what the %!#@$ is she doing wearing white?!" tone.   When You Love Me: "In your arms I'm free/to just be a woman".  How Far: Basically, what you're doing hurts me, I can't accept it right now, so I'm leaving.  

There's also "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and "God's Will".  Both are songs that I'd like except, well, they make me cry.  

I really might be digging into this.  But... she's the one who won't accept it.  If she weren't the person trying to convince me I'm a girl and getting upset over boxers, it'd be okay.  But now it just feels like she's trying an indirect approach.  It sucks.

There are 2 songs with lyrics that are at all tolerable on the subject.  


Yew Berry Castle said...

I know what you mean. Eversince I came out to my mum and my aunts they never miss an oppurtunity to rub my x-chromosome in my face. "Go and join the other men / I love my boys" etc etc The men in the family, who know, however just ignore me more or less. *sigh*

Ry said...

Oy, yeah. -_- I really don't get the point of coming out to people in the family, it's like begging for "Call me [birthsex] more often! Convince me I'm still your little boy/girl! That's all it'll take, really!" :/ I can see it before transitioning, because showing up to Thanksgiving after surgery and hormones will end badly, but otherwise it doesn't seem that great.