Monday, April 14, 2008


You'd think after...  Ok, know what, I haven't actually got a clue how many years I've suffered from this monthly cycle of pain and bleeding.  I think it's been at least 5.     So, starting again.  You'd think after 60+ months I'd actually have the schedule down.  You'd think.   But, being the stubborn little genius I am, it still catches me by surprise.  Ok, actually, I've gotten a bit better at guessing within a few days these past 2 times, just ignored it.

bluh, and it hurts.  which means that I was a lazy bastard and didn't go to the gym the last 2 weeks and now I get to drag myself over to it and get to working out while in pain.  lucky me.  I hate the gym.  It's an evil place.  And everyone in the weight room is male and in shape and lifting twice as much as me.  And everyone in the other room with all the running machines and stuff is female.  

I thought we'd'a grown out of this phase after grade school. -_-


Yew Berry Castle said...

Ah, that sucks. Sorry to hear! :-(


I bet you'll be so glad to get rid of that someday.

Ry said...

Very. I considered trying to just tear the organ out myself, but then I remembered that I can't stand pain and don't really know proper surgical procedure. One alone is a good enough reason not to, both say "Don't even think it".