Saturday, June 7, 2008


Meh...  I missed a pretty good chance to come out to a friend.  I wore definitely guy clothing to graduation (pants, shirt, tie, boots as opposed to dress and heels).  So, a friend asked why I went in "guy mode".  I paused, not really sure if I should explain or not.  Decided not to and just left it at "well, htere's a complicated answer"

Yeah, I could've explained it. but it's graduation.  We're all moving out, she's the kind that's sad she won't see these people again, it probably sin't really a great time to say "well, actually, I am a boy".  

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Yew Berry Castle said...

Yah I agree with you there. I have often times just said nothing when when I wasn't going to see the person again.

Funny (or not!) thing happened today. I went with my girlfriend to a pub for some lunch and me, in my guy mode as usual, was taken as a girl by the barman so when he brought over the drinks he was like: "there ye are now girls" and with the food it was like: "enjoy your meal ladies". It would have been okay only that he said it so loud that everyone else in the pub was staring at us and waiting for me to say that I wasn't a "lady" or a "girl". I just kept my mouth shut though.